The sales staff and managers of DCG are very familiar with the needs of their buyers, and with the current trends in the market, through our constant flow of appointments. THis information is shared with designers on an ongoing basis. Before market week, each season, when a designer is preparing the next collection, specific meetings are held, and this necessary information is shared. In the ever-chanfing designer market, it is crucial that a collection be on target for the season, which is made possible through Showroom Seven's privileged information and insight.

A major element of DCG marketing strategy is the participation in trade shows. Domestically, the Intermezzo / Accessorie Circuit held in January, May and August provides these designers a concentrated exposure to out-of-town buyers and press. The Fashion Coterie, held in February and September, provides ready-to-wear designers with similar exposure for their markets. DCG attends these trade events as a group and provides it's designers with a comprehensive package including negotiations with show organizers, set-up and design of the exhibition spaces, and of course, sales staff.

DCG maintains a staff of  full-time salespeople. The markets are divided categorically for department stores, and geographically for specialty boutiques across the country. Each salesperson is responsible for a specific region, and systematically performs telemarketing duties within his or her territory before each market week to book appointments with the appropriate accounts. This account executive will later greet the buyers in the showroom and present the proper collections for their review. Specialty store buyers sometimes leave orders on the day of their appointment, but department store buyers usually take notes, which are typically confirmed at a later date. Each salesperson is also responsible in the same way for a specific category of merchandise within the department store structure.

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DCG is an image oriented business promoting consumer product awareness. The agency has the distinction of having it's own in-house public relations office: DCG PR which employs a full-time staff of 8 This office functions financially as a cooperative effort involving all of the designers and the showroom. A monthly press fee is negotiated with each designer to help pay for the services that DCG PR provides. Through editorial exposure in major fashion publications, the designer's name becomes associated with the product, eventually leading to increased sales.